【NYLife360项目推荐】-7/26-28/2022 迈阿密矿业大会-ETH/ETC最大矿机生产商LoyalTech

【NYLife360项目推荐】-7/26-28/2022 迈阿密矿业大会-ETH/ETC最大矿机生产商LoyalTech: https://nylife360.com/archives/10870





– YM-100 Demo (10Q) YM-200 Mini (5Q)



-标杆客户 mining.com/bitfarm


-联系方式www.loyaltech.pro, https://t.me/loyaltech


LOYALTECH, founded in Singapore, is the world’s leading manufacturer of Ethereum and Ethereum classic ASIC chip mining machines (using the Yami brand in Mainland China). It’s products were mass-produced at the end of 2020.
What we offer at the booth:
-Test of YM-100 &YM-200 mini miner.
-Exhibition discount, limited to 10 sets, up to 30% discount.
– Spot sale: Immediately sale for Retail, Ship from Shenzhen within 1 week for large orders.
– Has been on the market from 2020 December for 1.5 years, with stable quality and a good reputation.
– Benchmark client: Mining.com/Bitfarm
– Local US services
– Contact: www.loyaltech.pro, https://t.me/loyaltech



Wechat:NYLife3601,Cell:929-633-1888, [email protected], Telegram: @Jane0810

LoyalTech English PDF Intro:Loyaltech introduction

LoyalTech Chinese PDF Intro:LoyalTech Chinese Intro





This is the ETC prototype and observer link of YM. After transferring POS, the updated firmware of the mining machine can support ETC mining, and the calculation force remains unchanged.


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