NY-onsite-SinoVision/Production Intern

SinoVision 美国中文电视台
Production Intern
工作地点: 纽约
• Assist production staff in developing relevant stories for television, film, online
streaming and other platforms.
• Research topics using a variety of sources, including video archives, the internet, library
archives and others as needed.
• Communicate with writers, directors, managers and other members of staff to ensure a
smooth running of the project.
• Support staff by answering phones, taking detailed notes during meetings, inputting
data into the computer and performing other tasks as required.
• Run errands such as purchasing supplies, props, equipment, food and other necessary
items for the project.
• Provide assistance as needed in all components of the production, including sound,
lighting, camera, editing and postproduction.
• Enrolled in accredited college or university with ability to receive credit
• Proficient in Microsoft Office and Adobe Pro CC
• Proven problem-solving skills
• Excellent verbal and communication skills
• Working knowledge of social media channels
• Strong organizational skills

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