NYLife360由NYU 哥大 Fordham等NY高校毕业学长学姐组成,服务于在纽约的留学生群体,结合自己的经验资源和特长,为学弟学妹们提供各种生活类服务,包括但不限于租房买房,买卖车,买保险,搬家,安装家具,仓库,宠物等一系列生活服务:https://nylife360.com/archives/9510


身份无忧:我们提供CPT、OPT、E-verify(STEM专业),业绩优异者,我们还提供 H1B 机会!
经济独立:多劳多得; 收入来源多样化,不仅有来自地产业务的佣金,更有旗下其他业务单元提供的推荐费。

工作职责 :
5.签约后保持客户关系,保持沟通渠道畅通,并完成客户信息统计,及时填写 CRM,解答入住、安家、保险、装修、出租等各类问题。

1.入职后需要准时准点参与公司、纽约州、纽约市的房地产销售人员专业培训,并积极考取Salesperson 从业资格证(也欢迎已持证经纪人加盟我们!);




NYLife360 Introduction:

NYLife360 is composed of seniors and alumnus from New York universities such as NYU Columbia University, Fordham, Parsons, SVA etc. It serves the international students in New York City. Combining their own experience, resources and expertise, NYLife360 provides various life services for the Chinese international students, including but not limited to renting and buying a house, buying and selling cars, buying insurance, moving, installing furniture, storage and pets, etc.: https://nylife360.com/archives/9510

Recruitment Position:

Real Estate Assistant/Agent/Manager (internship/full-time/part-time)

You can get:

Visa Support: We provide CPT, OPT, E-verify (STEM major), for those with outstanding performance, we also provide H1B opportunities!

Well paid: more work brings more income; diversified income sources, not only commissions from real estate business, but also referral fees provided from other business.


1.Provide professional real estate services for international students, from early reception and consultation, assisting in making appointments, to independently helping international students to rent a house, buy a house, settle down, and complete the company’s monthly sales target;

  1. Communicate with apartment buildings on a daily basis, obtain housing information in a timely manner, and be able to conduct online and offline research, collection, statistics, and analysis of housing-related data in the designated area;
  2. Assist the team to promote housing: organize and edit the graphic and video information of the housing, and use team channels for market development; use multiple channels to promote housing information, and at the same time use the company platform to build individual and team brands, and participate in company marketing. Activity;
  3. Establish a relationship with the target customer group, can independently lead customers to see the house and sign the bill, and can lead and guide the team to carry out business in the later stage; organize and arrange, holiday condolences, etc.;
  4. After signing the contract, maintain customer relationship, keep communication channels open, complete customer information statistics, fill in CRM in time, and answer various questions such as check-in, settling, insurance, decoration, and leasing.



  1. After joining the company, you need to participate in the professional training of real estate salespersons in the company, New York State and New York City on time, and actively obtain the Salesperson qualification certificate (also welcome licensed brokers to join us!);
  2. Proficient in both Chinese and English, with fluent written and oral communication and negotiation skills, talents who master a second foreign language are also welcome;
  3. Undergraduate or graduate in real estate, architecture, finance, accounting, art and other related majors, bachelor degree or above;
  4. Optimistic and outgoing, cheerful and frank, willing to promote personal and team image through multiple channels;
  5. Possess excellent learning, communication, collaboration and multi-tasking skills, and can maintain a good working condition when communicating with multiple teams, customers, and landlords in multiple lines;
  6. It is necessary to have a legal work status in the United States (we provide CPT and OPT certification).



Candidate prefer to be located in New York or New Jersey, or you can come to New York or New Jersey for training or work for a period of time. We also have offices in Shanghai/Beijing, we also accept remote after training.

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